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Short Story Entry - Never again


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Never again


I remember.

Not my last days. Not even my first ones. But bits in between.

Sunlight on mountaintops. The sky, filtered through layers of leaves. Blue in green in white. Clouds driving shadows across the land.

Not my first world. And not my last.

The sound of war horns and trampling feet. The screaming of dying horses. Red on black on gray. The sound of toppling stones and breaking bones.

Not my first body. But there will never be a last one.

Never again.


I feel grass beneath my fingers. Earth between my toes. Wind in my hair.

Silence before the storm.

I draw upon those feelings. Let the wind sing through me. Be grounded, be strong and lithe as the willow. We may bow, but we will not break.

Not again. Never again.


Let the dance begin anew. Let them hear your voice, young one.


I break through the underbrush, my feet guide me, the voice of the bear pulls me onwards. I will fall upon them like a wolf. My brothers and sisters beside me, their eyes glitter in the night. One scream from hundredth lips, one howl to the moon.

We are the pack, and they scatter before us like leaves in the wind. Like sheep before the hunter.

I draw upon the earth, I sing the song of wind and thunder. I dance between their swords of iron. My staff is a blur, my feet beat the rhythm.

I will break and I will mend. I will heal and I will injure.

Let them hear my voice and tremble.

This, I will not forget. This, I will carry with me, in my crows heart, on wolfs feet and into the dark. I am the earth's daughter, I am the child of wolf and bear, I am blessed and I am left alone.

Gea guide me, for my path is shrouded in shadow.


May Malekei never haunt your dreams, young one.


Fires in the night.

The smell of iron and fear.

The trees tried to warn us. The wind tried to shield us. They came with fire and steel, they did not care for the holy ground and the sacred grooves.

They broke and razed and burned. They killed the bears and the wolfs, the warriors and priests. Blood upon the bark.


I lied.

I still see it, when I close my eyes.

I still see it, every time I lift my staff. Blood of my blood, bark and wood and leave. Last piece of my world. Last piece of my life.


Take up the staff. Blood of her blood, earth's daughter, blessed by Gea. Druid. Take up the staff, young one.



I died that night. And I will die again.

Fires and iron and fear. A thousand lives and more. A thousand worlds.

But for now, I live. We live.


A group and a pack, leaves of one branch, brothers and sisters. Not blood of my blood. But warmth and shelter and home. Almost.

We will lick our wounds, mend our bones and return to the woods. We did our duty. He will not forget. But he will leave us be. For a day. For a week. For one worlds lifetime.

We cannot see the greater picture. Only he himself sees the strings, every knot and branching of the web. He will guide us.

Whispers in the dark.


Do you want to live? Will you heal, or will you break?

Do you want revenge?


Do not stand at our grave and cry, young one.

We did not die.


Hands in my hands. Green eyes and gold and amber.

A cats grin and sunlight in your hair.

I will follow you, shadow you, take your back.

You will lead me and drive me and be my friend.

When I first, second, opened my eyes after death, you found me. Another day, another world. You had a different body and I had a reborn soul.

You followed the threads of the web and I still heard the voice in my ear.

I do not want his hand to guide us. I will cherish you, not as a pawn in his plan, but a friend at my side.

Not blood of my blood, but kindred spirit, fellow soul.

We run in the pack, your hand in my hand, flying and grounded and never alone.

You made me a promise and I gave you my word.

Never again will we surrender.


Nobody heard your cries. Come and take my hand, nobody will come to you.

Follow me.


May Gea guide your feet and shelter you from evil.

May Malekei never haunt your dreams, young one.


Sparks in the dark.

Dance around a fire, sing and laugh and twirl.

You sit across and I watch your eyes. Green and molten gold, willow leaves and amber.

I will tell you again and again, I will remember.

I gave you my word and you gave me a promise. You will remember me and I will remember you, for everyone of us forgets our deepest secrets.

Your eyes were green, and your hair shone like gold, and I will remember it for you.

I want to dance and sing the songs of old, I want to see the woods again and feel the bark. My heart belongs to the earth, and you hold it for me, because one day I may forget all of my dreams.

Sparks like stars and fireflies, smoke and ash and cold.

I do not want to sleep, I do not need to.

Smoke like a blanket and your hair on my arm, songs of the winter wind and lights in the sky.

The wolfs sleep and the pack is silent.


Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.


I still remember.

The first day and the last. But not everything in between.

When I open my eyes, I still find you.

When I close them, the fire is back.

I left no marks, no graves, no trails in the snow. There is no place for me to pray, and nowhere to weep. There is no home but with you, and I gave you my heart and my dreams and those memories I left behind with my soul.


May Malekei never haunt your dreams, my friend.








Well. It's been some time, since I last wrote a complete story. I'm more of a poem writer - and I think you may notice it ^^°

btw, for the poem referenced in this work: It's NOT from me, it's a poem wrote by Mary Elizabeth Frye. Look here. I think those english speaking people here may know it, anyways.

1082 words all, or 1053 without the poem.

And it's sadly not my mother language so....bear with me.


For all the Dragon Age fans out here, yes, I definitly thought of the Dalish while writing this one.

May the dread wolf never catch your scent, da'len.




My entry for the rp-writing competition.

I appologize if it's not really rp-ish, but thats how my breain works, can't do anything about it. If you see and feel the story, than I did something right :)


Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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Oh my god - I spelled the name wrong. F*ck.



Forgive me. Please don't haunt me >.<


Uh, and it should be leaf, instead of 'leave'...damn. sorrry.


Uh, and totally forgot: as I have no guild that could use this story (for I am in a crows guild, not a wolfs - cheers to the Nothlanders :P), and it does not (?) match the lore of the EK I want to participate in, you may use it, Deloria. If you want. And if Kraahk doesn't run here screaming 'we need this! we totally need this for our EKs looooore!' - and I don't think he will in the near future, last I heard he was deep in his cups yesterday night :lol:

Edited by Akineko

Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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