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Mystery: who is ...?


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Hi crows!


You may know him already, as he may have liked one (or more) of your posts.

However, you have never read any of his, as he never wrote any to date.


You may have checked his profile already,

as his Profile Views count reflects an important number of crows wondering about him before me today.



Nothing is known about his age.

Nothing is known about his (her? its?) sex.

As his profile would not say.


He seems to be a nice Goblin however, as his 5-star rating shows.


The question today, and this is one of the mysteries surrounding Crowfall in our small community, is:


Who is exactly JamesGoblin?




Is he a member, like us? Whose will is strong enough to resist the temptation to post anything, anywhere.


Is he an alt account? Giving the ability to sneak everywhere without being noticed...


Is he a member of the dev team and who would he/she be? Would it be for he/she being able to like ideas without starting an explosion of expectations from the community in reaction to such act?


Is he even human? Is he the invisible hand of Adams Smith, Crowfall version? Is he Skynet in its infancy? Is he a manifestation from another dimension?


If you have any idea or theory, please share it here!



Edited by Eaden
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JamesGoblin came from the future, a time in which internet trolls have conquered the world and viral videos of dancing dogs dominate the media. He travelled to the past to spread 'likes' and goodwill in all the forums he visits, thus hoping to appease the trolls and create a better tomorrow. Keep on fighting James Goblin! 


(oh wait, this is the present already...)



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