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-W- in HD 9/10/16


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All of these are from the Myrmidon perspective. They have only minor edits removing some of the more boring mob fighting:



This first video had small teams. We had 4 and we are ambushed by a group of 5 as were gearing up on some mobs:





The second video has us experiencing the "Too Many Threads" crash error. 4 of our group of 6 crash. I was the only one able to log back in.




The third video is the first of two large matches. It has been weeks since I have seen a match this large (40+) We spent some time gearing up before heading in to the keep(about 3 min). I cut that bit out and just included the fighting.





I would include the second big match but I crashed like a dumbass and died so I am missing a good portion of that match so it wasn't worth including.


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