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Crowfall API

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The system to facilitate trade will simply be player to player interaction. There will be NPC Thrall vendors that I think can sell stuff but yeah pretty much it'll be "hey I got stuff here to sell come see".


I'm sure they'll be some way to advertise your EK and yourself as a seller of goods, and of course simply posting about it on the forums as well.

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I think the last thing we heard about any API is that it will probably not be included for any system.  They may do something post launch, but do not have the time to work on it.

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Will there be an exposed API for Crowfall's auction system?


Or whatever system that will facilitate trades between players and organizations.

Do you ask that so we can develop web based tools to help, like in WoW, RuneScape, etc? I hope there is, cause I love unofficial tools.

Things like wikis or tip.it make communities so much more fun and interactive.

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