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Caldera / Solo – Druid – 4 small scale fights (AUS test)


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Four small scale games on the AUS hunger dome test (from EU)

While the large team games and full lobbies are great…nice to have some smaller scale engagements from time to time too!
(where not 100% of teams all on voice)
Mix of solo and 1-2 guild mate games (Caenth as confessor, Skystrife as ranger)
Props to all the players!
Especially the knight players:



CFC NichDu Roq

And great confessor slippery play from Chodie! (and their druid Brightdance too)

x2 Caldera games
Slippery group fighting!

3 caldera members and two randoms fighting against a 2 man sugoi group and others.
Chodie is a magic slippery confessor wizard
(who jukes through a wall at 1% hp despite being blasted with lightning…yay pings and physics?)
p.s. check out how much damage druid life C can do 5 minutes in vs that solo champion….
I also never knew we could trigger suppression immunity until I went up against those 3 rangers….



The survivors will fight with wet noodles until death!

Just me and Caenth from CAL (for half of it anyway...)
Starting off with a prolonged group fight where some are picked off on both sides
then the survivors have a druid and knight vs druid and legio wet noodle fight in the fire room

(with a solo ranger sniping everyone in the background)
Hats off to my knight ally: Warschilka!



x2 Solo games
Where did my group go...I’ll take them all on anyway!

Running solo…

Ended up fighting completely alone against 2 [sUGOI] and [CAL] Skystrike while my group was playing with flowers elsewhere for awhile...

More excellent Chodie juking and some good examples of druid spell evasion on my side too!

Pro tip don’t cast tornado in a fire like I do…

Long group fight until all Crows must die!

Solo running – a great prolonged group vs group fight….ending in a giant ball of death next to the light….

p.s. again check out the insane damage and healing of a druid’s life C at 3 minutes! No damage splitting there...

Hats off to my knight ally: CFC NichDu Roq!

And the other druid in my group whose name I don’t want to type.

Also Tyrant was there I guess too? ^_^


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Fun fights.


Chodie u gotta teach me that disappearing act :). Well played.

Edited by Soulreaver

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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