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Zeleena's Pantheon page is broken

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500 Internal Server Error

Code: InternalError
Message: We encountered an internal error. Please try again.
RequestId: 4967B4B84F2DFAE2
HostId: pCniCo5qghY195YgvcbSAghUSlesMVuz8UmiuIzqT9iOsuIBCTSHbVDV6LipSY6mn66zEvC5QDw=


This message appears any time you click a link to her page in the Pantheon section of the website. Tried it using chrome and firefox both were broken. This is happening with the main link leading to her page as well as the links leading from Yaga's and Valkyn's pages

Edited by blackspar

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I just checked, and it's working here.


I've had this happen before as well, where I got a 500 error on a pantheon link but other folks said it was working... I'm guessing there's a load balancer in the mix that is losing it's 'sticky' on occasion. :)


Try shift-f5-ing the page to reload it from source.

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