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Video - Caldera - Legio - "On second thought, let’s not go to the Keep. ‘Tis a silly place."


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"On second thought, let’s not go to the Keep. ‘Tis a silly place."


...was bored and made a new video intro/image
...a bit of a longer video than I usually do...[31m]
First 66% of footage - mixed games of 3-4 CALDERA members (Caenth, Supreme, Skystrike and myself) 
intentionally literally didn't set foot in the keep - just scouting and group skirmishing outside only

(with sugoi usually coming along to mop us up! ^_^)

Last 33% of footage e.g. 21:29 onwards - single game, the last game of the test and only one where we (down to just me and supreme from CALDERA) deliberately went inside the keep
it was a silly and long fight with everyone clashing outside the treasure room for a long long time with minimal deaths all round!

FPS and recording struggled for a bit at times and a few footage missing bits

(e.g. missed start of fight at 6:06 and 23:38 misses me killing the myrm with scatter to interupt berserk crash....sad that was lost hehe)

and recording freezes/pauses that I didn't edit out sorry ¬_¬

"light in combat healing" my tasseled legio ass!
what are your thoughts on current time to kill, mobility and healing (and related berserking)?
bonus highlight: Caenth's epic hellfire blast on an unsuspecting group....

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