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Founders' Update: Two things - Official discussion thread


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this is so teasy come on....

please be same week / the week after......(i'm away the last week of month!)



Will the next stage of testing have staggered access? 


Or all at once?


(e.g. pre alpha 1,2 etc before any alpha 3)

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Staggered as per the FAQ! Hmmmm


Pre-Alpha 1 group first, then pre-alpha 2 seconds ........then alpha groups  



I wonder how this will work!!

Edited by Count_Dirkoff

Looking for a casual guild ...

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We expect that the first few groups will be added in short order, so don't start getting hang-doggy just yet if you're in the Alpha groups. The wait won't be long. 


So this means even if we got access to SP/HD testing at the moment, we might not have access to the upcoming mode (right away) yet, correct?

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