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Vote now for our official Crowfall community hashtag

Crowfall community's official hashtag  

106 members have voted

  1. 1. What should our official hashtag be for the Crowfall community?

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What about the obvious?




It's got the name if the game in it, and reminds me of fallen angels in kind of a "Heaven won't take us and hell is afraid we'll take over" kind of way, which fits a hardcore combat game with the castoffs of other games and genres. I think that tag fits members of this community pretty well overall.


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I'd prefer #crowfollow, which I voted, but #crowcall is fine for me.  :D

Catelyn: War will make them old, as it did us. I pity them.
Mathis: Why? Look at them. They're young and strong, full of life and laughter. And lust, aye, more lust than they know what to do with. There will be many a bastard bred this night, I promise you. Why pity?
Catelyn: Because it will not last. Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.

A Clash of Kings, Chapter 22, Catelyn II.

Crowfall Discord Channels: international (english) - italiano

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