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A 4K VR headset called PIMAX 4K


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I bought one of these! Cos I'm mental and like shiny things!


The reviews are mixed.. It does  3840x2160 - 806 ppi - 60hz (2x2K)


Its a chinese VR headset called PIMAX 4K...


Apparently its very good at removing the pixel screen door thing, and the head tracking is not bad - but the drivers are a bit crappy and its uncomfortable for some people. The drivers are being updated though.



It doesnt really take a 4k signal - it takes a HD or 2k signal and *upscales* it to make everything smoother. It seems to work well enough but makes the picture a bit dimmer than a rift.



Also it isnt as fast as Occy or Vive - it only does 60 frames refresh instead of 90. Some peopl,e say this means theres a bit of ghosting when you make sharp head movements - not so good for fast games. The devs say this is going to be fixed with drivers.



BUT! Its really cheap and apparently very good for movies - and maybe games where you dont want to jump around so much.


I always liked the idea of VR but didnt want to pay so much for a rift or something.



The best bit is the price.



update: **Deleted a discount code cos its agianst the rules to add promotions and things - you can probalby find it if you search around :) **













As soon as I get mine (its in the post now) I will have a go and tell you all about it :)


Also I'm not associated with any of it - its a chinese company. I just wanted to share somethingI thought was nice :)


PIMAX 4K: 3840x2160 - 806 ppi - 60hz (2x2K)

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Disclaimer: My RP with you might become a public story: https://soundcloud.com/shiv-mahon

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 couldn't imagine playing this in VR it would be so cumbersome its not what a VR game would translate to in all honesty




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