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Commanding chat - Official discussion thread


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Strange that you say the private channel functions don't have change owner. Why not just give all of the same functions to the private channel that you gave to group channel?


Also will any of these be persistent or only will update once we are online?


Will channels disban if leader/owner disconnect? If so is there a time limit for them to get back before we loose the channel?

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After a lot of commands there should be a player name written. Maybe update the news article like this:

  • /invite <player>
  • /channelinvite <player>
  • etc.

I would love to have all PM's from all different players in it's own separate tab in the chat window. Makes having multiple private conversations at the same time a whole lot easier. Every guildleader or -officer will thank you.

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/ commands are good for keeping-down inadvertent chat functions.

We also need the chat system to keep us from inadvertently causing player actions while trying to type-in chat.


/who sounds like a mountain of data.


3rd party group chat programs FTW!

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I hope the /who command doesn't make it into campaigns, it's too easy and too free and provides too much information with no real skill involved. 


I hope in the future it will be filtered to your faction, cause I agree, It's too much information.


For the new module coming out I'm not too concerned, if people want to count how many people their opponent has, go ahead.   At the same time... if they are sorted alphabetically, and no guild information is given, then meh....


We have no idea what the rules are going to be for the new module, it may already be filtered by faction... /shrug

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