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Commanding chat - Official discussion thread

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DAOC Mordred (FFA server) also had /who command that showed name and guild.


I don't have a strong opinion either way on the /who -  I do like mechanics that encourage people to find each other and interact, either friends or enemies.


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I hate to be cynical... but... chat commands? Seriously? This could have been a patch note and didn't really need to be a news drop.

I believe that's part of the cooking system.

I don't like a /who command showing everyone that's online. At least put something in place to counter it or remove it completely. Everyone that wants to see me online will see me online through the friendslist. And if I don't have them added in my friendslist then you can assume there's a reason for that. 

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Shadowbane had a very in-depth /who. if you did a blanket /who, you only got like 50 or so results. It was great when you needed a ride to an open city you were too high level for and needed a summon, but that was later changed to let anyone in the open cities.


but it was largely used to see what spec someone had on (not possible here with vessels), who was online so you could bane them, who was online so you could camp them, and then later used to determine server pop.


so yeah, against the spirit.

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I am also going to mirror the concern about having a who command in the campaign worlds. I feel this is simply provides information that we should be using player intelligence gathering techniques for.


On the other hand I would love a command like this that tells me who is on my land in an EK(s). This would help me manage my shops while I am off in a campaign world.

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