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Founders' Update: 'Big World' development - Official discussion thread


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From the document, it looks like we'll be randomly assigned a faction when our first character enters the world, and that all our other characters will share that faction.


This would appear to preclude friends and family from joining the same faction.  Is that, in fact, the case?  Are you really going to promote strife between my wife and me?

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Glad to hear about the progress. A week ago i logged in to test after ~half a year, and

  • Significant update to player movement and responsiveness

is still the most desired and important improvement for my taste (including skills and combat). I have faith you'll get it fluid eventually.

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Welcome the hunger

Todd is Love, Todd is Life.

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 I think we're going to be able to provide a lot more feedback than we have before. 


You didn't read through the features/content assessment did you?   :)


Harvesting Doobers is gonna be a thing in Crowfall, it's hard to get people motivated when they have Twinkies in one hand and Chocolate Milk in the other.


Obviously Eaden read the Features and Content assessment and he knows all about the Doobers





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