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Hello from East Bay, S.F. California

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Greetings friends,


New pledged member as of today, excited to start this new journey with you!


I'm from Walnut Creek, CA and been an avid female gamer for at least 15 years. 

It's my hope that I run into some fellow past gaming friends here in Crowfall. There has been much talk of many people interested in joining which is awesome as I've been actively recruiting my current friends and guildies to come over. 


Looking for friends online from past / present guilds


Shadowbane (TSB) 

My main were: Lady Phadra / Centaur Druid & Ezrah / Nephilim fury.


WoW retail 12 yrs (Boulderfist / Dragon Knights-  Emerald Dream / Ezrah & Hormonal) 

Nostalrius (Redemption- Arcanah), Kronos (Wipe it Up- Arcana).


Can't wait to be in game --pvp play  :)  










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