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ACE Q&A for October: Testing 'Big World' - Official discussion thread


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I know they are trying to aiming for this but no matter what it will be struggle for MMOrpg players unless they promote this more as a MOBA. If they heavily promote this as a game where time spent in game has little to no effect on the power levels of characters it will be great but then you got to make sure that people that are playing and investing time feel rewarded as well the skill growth. Its a delicate balance. MMOrpg players generally don't like starting a game late because the fear of missing out or fear of being behind. Giving incentives for new players to join the game is a good thing. Any new blood you can bring into the game is great for business especially since you have to buy to play Crowfall.


How does horizontal progression make MMORPG players struggle with wanting to play this game or not?  CF is nothing like a MOBA, why would they market it is such when it is not?  You can get in big trouble for marketing something as one thing when actually it is not that thing. ACE has been very clear what CF is, and what it is not.


Horizontal progression is starting to become more popular in MMOs. This is mainly due to the fact that you can get a new player in and playing with their friends faster.  If it takes a couple weeks for someone to start training and get them some half decent gear and be able to compete (10%-20% dmg and mit difference) with someone who has been playing a year or two who is in the same quality gear + vessel then there should be no need for any catch up mechanics.  It's on ACE to deliver a system that can do this, and the community has said it enough that I hope they have a plan so that they accomplish it.


Player churn is real and in today's day and age, the rate at which it happens is disgusting IMO.  Player retention is the real goal, then turning those players in to monthly paying customers. If someone can log on and start having fun ASAP, they are more likely to stick around and throw some more dollars at ACE.  I've now lost count of how many games I have started to play and thought "I really don't want to quest for hours and hours to get to cap" then just quit probably less than 10 hours in.  The system Crowfall has allows people to come in and start playing the actual game instantly, and you don't have to spend time in content that will have no relevance when it is cleared once.  If they can make new players relevant to the game/combat and not be some paper thin wet noodle fodder it's a win for everyone, players and ACE.


Making sure there is no insurmountable power gap (horizontal progression) will make it easier (IMO) to keep people around.  It also means they don't have to waste time developing catch up mechanics that will piss off old customers that had to put in the time to get access to the tools they have.

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