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Snax, from Magicbane (RIP)

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This why you shouldn't live in L.A. 

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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I'm not sure if anyone here played with Snax on Magicbane, but he is no longer with us on a physical level. I have no idea what crowfall thinks of RIP threads, but I'll carry him in my sig at least.




We're sorry to hear about his passing. 


As most of us know, when you play MMOs long enough it's inevitable that someone you met in-game will pass away. It doesn't make it any less sad if you didn't know them IRL, it's still a loss that touches you in a real way. 

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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It may touch you in a real way but it is obviously more sad if you knew the person in real life. The meaningless loss of life is always tragic but we as humans typically don't bat an eye to the suffering and deaths of those who are not close to us.

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Too bad we cant ask him when we die do we get the spinning tunnel, or do you just spawn in the afterlife...dear god dont let it be a mcdonalds commercial!




later bro

Know me and fear me. My embrace is for all and is patient but sure. The dead can always find you. My hand is everywhere - there is no door I cannot pass, nor guardian who can withstand me.


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