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Short Story Entry- Birth of a Crow


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It felt so warm and inviting, sitting in a beautiful maiden’s lap, head resting on the pillows that protruded from her chest, and being warmed by her arms and ironically cold beer in my hands. Just another day as Strive, the best treasure hunter this world has ever given birth to. But this wasn’t a social call.

I could hear them, the two Arkon followers I’ve been following for weeks. “We aren’t far now, just a few more hours of travel and we will reach the temple” one of them said. He was a very large man which would be unusual if he wasn’t with the lower half of a horse. He wore full plate and proudly displayed on the helm was a gryffin, the symbol all Arkon followers fatefully displayed. “Yes but don’t forget our purpose” the other one, a man who had the head of a deer retorted. He wore his symbol over his heart on his leather armor.

They never stated what that purpose was but all I know is, temples tend to be filled with all kinds of valuables. Especially Arkon temples. The time and place couldn’t have been any better either. Ending up in a crowded bar with so much noise and smoke drifting through the place. And the temple being that close. I wondered why it hadn’t been sacked already if it was that close to a town.

The deer man pulled a map from out of his bag and began to examine it. He did this every time they stopped someplace. This habit will cost them dearly. “Well my lady, it’s about time I be leaving” I say as I pushed her arms aside and hopped down from her lap. Leaving a decent size bag of coin to thank her for her company and grabbing my hooded cloak and dawning it all at once. I had to be quick, if I didn’t pull it off just right I would have lost the treasure and my life. The funny thing about that is, I was more concerned about the treasure.

I started to sprint to the table and immediately at two noticed me and grabbed at their weapons. The centaur picking up the spear from by his side and and deer pulled a bow and arrow from his back. Just what I wanted, they took all attention away from the map and I already had my smoke bombs in hand. I threw them at my feet then slide. I heard the whizz of the arrow as it flew over my head. I came to my feet right after as I flipped over the spear that was way too close to running me through.

I already knew these two wouldn’t be easy marks but even in this dense smoke they could still predict my movements pretty well. But its was too late, I had already reached the table, grabbed the map and tailed it to the door. I ran outside and thought to myself, ‘So long suc….’ and was cut short as another arrow flew by my head, this one with a glowing chain attached to it.  “What the fu…” and something told me to move… NOW! So I dove out of the way as the deer flew past me, arm extended and nearly catching hold of me.

‘What is this sorcery?’ I wondered with astonished eyes. And the deer’s bow was already drawn to me. I also heard the sound of the horse’s hooves approach behind me. “Where do you think you are going wee one” the centaur said followed by his deep laugh. But he wasn’t in the position to laugh. I was surprised at what that deer just did but that didn’t mean they caught me.

“I guess this this the end of the road for me” I said sounding defeated. “Yep and now you…” The centaur’s words was cut short as the deer released his arrow. I frantically stumped the ground not expecting to be shot at so soon but just like planned, the ground gave through beneath me. Once again nearly having a arrow in the brain as the arrow whizzed over my head.

I hit the floor of the tunnel I previously dug and tailed it away from the place. I knew I couldn’t be caught but that time was way too close.

The tunnel I dug popped out within the forest surrounding the town. I pulled out the map and studied it as I continued to run. Luckily I was headed in the right direction so there was no need to turn around. As long as I don’t stop the other 2 wouldn’t catch up.

But as I traveled a chill began to come over me like never before. ‘I know it’s late but I never felt a chill like this in this region’ I thought to myself. I couldn’t tell when but at some point along the way everything, from the grass to the trees… even the river dried up. Everything was dead. That’s when I would have my first encounter with them.

I heard them before anything else as I ran up to the ruins. Their moans sent chills down my spine. I took cover behind a run down pillar. ‘What in the world could that be’ I thought as I peeked around the corner. It was a undead human, clad in heavy armor. Not just one, deeper into town there were hoards of them. No worries I told myself as I dug into the ground and began tunneling in the direction of the temple.

I didn't dig for too long before I heard the sound of metal clashing and the the voices of the two from the bar. “There are way too many of them. Why would Arkon guide us here with these many corpses guarding the place?” The deer man asked. “Your place isn’t to question the will of our god, just obey” the centaur said. But after those words were said it didn’t change what would happen after. Battle cries, grunts, screams, and finally the thumps as their bodies dropped to the ground.

No matter how skilled you may be, there are some forces that your might alone can’t stand up to. And even though I felt safe underground. I would soon learn how wrong I was. Something grabbed me. I thought my leg got caught by a root or something but when I looked back there was the hand of a undead wrapped around my leg as the head began protruding from the earth.

I drew my sword and diced its fingers off but it didn’t phase it. Its continued to dig after me. Not just that one either, I heard their moans surrounding me, all coming for me. But as I said before, I couldn’t be caught.

I dug faster than ever before. Faster than any of those zombies could dig. And my hearing helped me avoid any that tried to block me off. Eventually I didn’t hear the moans above me, so I dug to the surface and popped out right at the temple entrance.

I didn’t hesitate to run inside. Even if there were more in there I would be dead standing outside either way. So I took my chances inside, this was why I was here anyways.

Surprisingly there were no undead. Just a long passageway that seems like it went on forever. Eventually at the end of it was just what I was looking for, the treasure room, but instead of treasure there were weapons. That when I realized, all the symbols on the pillars, on all the weapons, even on all the walls… wolves. This wasn’t a temple of Arkon, it was a sanctuary of Kane.

And there they where, behind a mound of weapons, Kane, great hammer gripped in his hands… and Arkon, floated in the air, bow trained at him.

“Give it to me Kane, that ring doesn’t belong to you” Arkon demanded.

“Nor does it to you my brother” Kane replied.

Arkon released a arrow and Kane dodge it, letting it hit the mound of weapons between the two of us. The arrow exploded violently, the force sending me and the weapons flying around the room. I hit the wall and right after a hammer struck me.

I coughed up blood and looking down at my caved in chest and told myself that this couldn’t be real. But the pain felt real and from a blow like that, I was sure to die from it. ‘It might have been better if the spear that is stuck in the wall right next to my head had actually killed me’ I thought to myself.

“This is Gaea’s ring. The wife you never loved ring. It’s in my possession for a reason and you are definitely the last person I’ll ever hand this too.” Kane smashed his hammer against the ground, completely destroying the ground beneath him and sending giant boulders flying toward Arkon. I had to grab the same spear I wished had killed me to keep myself from falling into the pit Kane had just made.

“You were the one who killed her. How can you speak of love when you took her life away?” Arkon retorted. “That’s all you ever do is take. Just like you took your own nephew’s life.” Arkon fired another arrow, destroying all the boulders. The force of the impact still had me flapping like a kite as I hung onto the spear.

Kane charged at him and swung with enough force to send me flapping the other direction. “Being caught up in a fight between 2 gods is definitely worse than being caught in every natural disaster put together” I said to myself. Which caught the attention of both beings.

Arkon grimmist at my sight. “Didn’t I tell those 2 good for nothing crows to get here. No one should have been able to make it here alive between those 2 and all the husk outside. Well, time to put this one out of his misery”

Kane got between us. “This one is mine” Kane said as he summoned up a wall of weapons and forged them together to make I wall. He grabbed me and took me outside in a instant.

“Time to put this ring to work” Kane said as he slid it on his finger. He raised his hand above his head and called on Gaea’s power. Summoning lush fields of flowers, trees, and brought life back to the world around.

The zombies all collapsed and returned to the earth and the cold darkness, was driven back. That’s when he turned his gaze on me. “I’m sorry to say this but you will die brave one.” he said like I didn’t already know. What I didn’t know was what would come to follow. “But this doesn’t mean this is where you need to end. Serve me treasure hunter, as my crow, and you can continues to hunt treasure till the end of time.”

To do this forever? I did just take a hammer to the chest but I don’t think I would want to give this up even if I was stabbed 10 times over and ripped apart. Not like the option to end it all now is much better. “Ok my lord, I will be yours to use in any way you see fit. As long as I can keep doing what I’ve been doing.” I said.

Kane smiled for a moment and placed his hand over my eyes and closed them. Treasure hunt till your heart’s content my crow, in my name I grant you immortality.

I seemed to drift for what felt like multiple lifetimes but when I awoke I was a giant man clenching a massive axe. Inside a new body within a new world. It didn’t matter, I am strive, now servant of Kane, greatest treasure hunter in the universe.

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I liked it!


Many people treat the transformation of a normal guy in a crow as a curse but there is situations when this can help fulfill the desires and dreams of you character like the one you used in your story 

"An ordinary archer practices until he gets it right. A Ranger practices until he never gets it wrong." -The Lost Stories  


✣Junte-se a nós✣

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