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Modifier Key


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I would even go as far to be able to assign a mousebuttons 4 and 5 as modifier keys.


I'm able to alter mousebuttons 4+5 to Alt, Ctrl or Shift on my Deathadder/Naga if I wanted to, but some don't have the luxury and some want to have extra modifier keys for even more versatility.


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I never really like modifier keys because I'd have to remember to hit alt or I would cast the wrong spell, but to each his own.

After practicing a bit with it you don't have to remember anymore, muscle memory is amazing, you know what skill you want and you hit that bind in a reflex automatically.


In regards to the OP, I am all for modifiers, the more customization we have the best, this is fairly easy and standard for MMOs, people should be able to choose the keyboard shortcuts they are the most comfortable with.


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