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Perfect Example Of What Not To Do For Crowfall


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Darkfall devs apparently just announced a new direction for the game:







It’s been a while since an update of our future projects. Today we would like to provide you a new system which is to get in development process soon.

We’ve talked to you in the weekly updates about a New PvP Leaderboard and Statistic system.

We’ve been giving thought for long time about this and we believe it is time to bring it to discussion and provide you more information about this system.

PvP Statistic:

Anyone playing Darkfall will be able to see Top lifetime PvP killers as well his lifetime kills. This is purely a statistical information yet we feel it will be interesting to follow. A player will also be able to see current week’s kills as well past week.

PvP Ranking:

Each week, players will earn points based on their World PvP kills. These points will be reset per week yet, the points earned will reward you with specific tiered Ranks (example: lowest rank Battler, highest rank Legend). There can be only 1 highest ranked player per server per week and it will require effort to achieve it. 

A player will be able to check top 10 ranked players per server, as well his current, past week’s and highest achieved rank. One will also be able to search for specific enemies for relevant information.

PvP Leaderboard:

We wish to introduce mini-world-pvp seasons and reward top players for their efforts with unique items. The season period is up to discussion for now, yet we think of having 2 periods per year. As written above, each week, players will earn a rank. These ranks will give a player specific points per week, stacking per week, forming the Seasonal Standings.

A player will be able to check current top 10 players in season per server, as well previous week’s leaders and personal season points earned.

Additional Info:


  • Only the one making the final blow will earn points.

  • There will be mechanics in the ranking system to avoid trade kills and corpse camping.

  • Kills made during sieges will not be included in the system.

  • Killing an enemy in a high danger zone will reward more points for the weekly ranking.

  • Killing higher ranked player will reward more points.

  • Getting killed in world pvp will make you lose points.

  • Rules for Champions are to be taken into consideration.

To sum up, we want to raise the level of competition and interest to Darkfall and we are aware the need of competitive players for challenges.

Thank you for reading.




These sort of artificial K:D point scoring mechanics don't belong in a game like Crowfall (or a game like Darkfall). Please stay as far away from this arena/battlegrounds BS as possible. Even if the points and rankings are purely cosmetic, don't waste your time with them.

I would've posted this in suggestions or general discussion, but I feel like it probably wouldn't be allowed. If it is allowed I'd appreciate it if the thread is moved to whichever place is more appropriate.

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I kinda enjoyed seeing my character in the top 10. And then even more-so when the system glitched out and he stayed there for a whole year even after I stopped playing him lol.


AV's idiocy just never ceases to amaze me.

Cannibal Man - Future serial killer

I can't even.  You win, I am done with this part of the discussion.


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How do they not have a free trial yet?!  That's the only reason why I havn't played Darkfall.  I don't want to buy the game and pay a montly fee for something that looks mediocre.  I'm sure its a decent game.  I just can't tell if its worth the money.

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They have done this. It is called the fealty system.


Just kidding but I do hope there isn't a most kills list being made a leader board in game.

High Fives and Good Times

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