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It Is Pre Alpha, But Then Again Most Of The Time Things Dont Drastically Change

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Performance on low end machines > All

if you want the game to have any sort of success that is.

besides, the graphics and art look great to me, a little too great actually..I can already tell this is gonna be a low FPS game...like Wildstar.

Depends on your rig...and how well the game is optimized. Edited by lucius

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Looks pretty freaking amazing to me. Complaining for the sake of complaining or fishing for attention rarely ever has any positive results. To everyone else, I would suggest you don't put too much emotional investment into the subject or this thread.

Edited by conspiracy theorist

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The art style will not change.  The rendering quality probably will, as will the shading and skin textures.

It's way too early to stress over flat cobblestones and odd angles.   The Rift beta was the only time I've seen a game mostly fine tuned as far as detail and textures prior to a few weeks before launch.


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