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Forum quick reply editing previous post when it is the first of a topic

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Hey guys,


I have just created a topic about vessels and crows.


As the first post may have to be updated often, and may reach the max available characters, I tried, right after the first post (of the topic) to quick reply a second post. This second post was only stating "Reserved in case the first post reaches the max available characters."


So nothing fancy.


But every time I tried to post this second one, it disappeared and was not posted in the end. Even after refreshing the page, nothing was appearing, or posting (I tried 4 times).


After these 4 times, I decided to wait a couple of minutes, and tried again a 5th.


This 5th time, the 2nd post went live properly. However, I found out that my 4 previous posts had been added to the very end of the first post (as if I edited it). However, no edit date nor edit "stamp" was showing up.


So, is it the anti-spam working or a quick reply bug? I could not say. But here it was. :)


My 2 cents,



Edited by Eaden
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Our spam protection includes a timer that will prevent posting within a close timeframe. If you aren't able to post, try again a few minutes later. 


The question is, is the spam prevention supposed to edit the previous post rather than displaying a warning message of some sort? :)

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