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Item stuck in cart - Can not remove

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I was trying to purchase the Contributor  to Alpha 3 upgrade.  However, it appears there is a 2016 Gold Bundle stuck in the cart.  Whenever I click to remove it, nothing happens.    I am able to add and remove the Contributor > Alpha 3 Upgrade with no issue. 


This is causing me to not be able to make my purchase at all.   

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Hi Gendail,


One thing you can try is to clear your browser data and re-log into the account. After looking a bit deeper into the issue, it is showing no data existing in your cart. This is a bug I recently came across. If this problem persists, please send this issue to us at support@artcraftent.com and we will make sure we get this resolved for you. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Jared Jackson, Software Engineer
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