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Infestation NA PvX Guild


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About Us:


We are an aggressive PvX Community looking for both experienced PvPers and PvEers New or old to join us. We have a core group of experienced players, but we are looking to increase our ranks to bring glory and honor to our members and our guild.


We use discord and strongly recommend that our members do as well (will be required for raiding or dgns.) We are experienced and more than willing to help all guildies in learning the in’s and out’s of all games we play, while welcoming other experienced players to help deepen our core knowledge.


If you are a crafter or trader and interested in things other than PvP and would like to join we we welcome you with open arms. We do not require you to PvP but ask that you keep in mind if you want help with trade runs or gathering materials we fully expect you to be capable of assisting in the defense of your fellow guild members.


In Infestation we look after our own, We are family and WILL come to your aid if you are being attacked or bothered. We will send a message to everyone in the area that if they mess with a Member of Infestation they mess with all of us and payment will be extracted in the price of blood.




Our goals are simple we wish to increase our members PVP/PVE experience, grow our community as a whole and dominate whichever server or game we happen to be on. As well as create a drama free environment that all types of players/classes/races can join and be a part of something bigger then themselves.


If you would like to come chat with us in discord to gather a better idea of what we are about please feel free to contact any of the community officers in discord or Evilroach the leader of the Infestation community.


Discord:  https://discord.gg/FnJaY5V

            (you will not be able to move channels in discord without first contacting a community officer)

Edited by evilroach
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HELLO Revelations guilds and players if you are looking for a home look no more! We are currently actively for new members to join our ranks. If you have any questions please feel free to join discord or message one of the officers or myself.

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