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Crafting process (crowfall live 27/10)


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[Lack of screenshot due to missing stream, screenshot is taken from Caenth]

News from crowfall live :
- Big world testing
  - Experiment phase will temporarily be allowed without the need of crafting station during big world testing.
  - Potion that grant harvesting skill level can be crafted only for testing purpose.
- Each resources have stats and legendary tier quality will be considered as luxury and very hard to find
- Metal smelting combination are already revamped and current known combinations are outdated 
- Crafting station can be stolen and destroyed by opposing team/enemies
[Crafting process]
Crafting recipes are flexible as most of the required resources can be anything of a certain type, while different resources combination may result in different results. Resources needed for a recipe can be classified into three :
- Any resources of a type
- Specific resources
- Optional resources, can be either added or not
While crafting process can be divided into four :
- Selecting resources
- Experiment phase (if the crafter is in crafting station)
- Customization, crafter can change item name, color, and others
- Either crafting the item or turning it into blueprint (item will have a mark that show which crafter made the item)
Every recipes also have difficulty rank that depend on the crafter skill and affect the crafting success rate. If a crafting failed, both resources and crafted item will be gone. The stats & quality of resources are important as well because it will be carried into the crafted item. Although both stats and quality will be the added value of all resources, however quality is also affected by the crafter skill, as it might result from lower quality to higher quality (by 1 tier from combined quality). The quality will then affect experiment phase greatly.
Crafting station
Crafting station is a vital point in crafting and each crafting profession will need a different kind of stations. The main idea of crafting lies in crafting station due to it's ability to do 'experiment phase' and 'mass production', while it also offer both inventory slot and thrall slot (grant crafting boost depending on the thrall and enable mass production). 
Experiment phase
Experiment phase work by points system (amount of points depend on crafter skill) where the crafter can place the points into any of the provided selection. The option depends on the crafted item, as different item type will offer different options:
- Durability
- All stats
- Mitigation (armor only)
- Weapon efficiency (weapon only)
Additionally each option have a max of 10 points which is then limited once again by the crafted item quality. Another thing to watch out is that placing points carry a risk of failure by 12,5% each point (if failed, the points will be spent but nothing will be gained). Though the process can be repeated as many times as the crafter wish, but having more process means higher craft time. The difference from doing the process from safest (more process) to riskiest (least process) might not be too much, however the difference can reach a day when mass produced.
Note : Sorry if there's anything confusing and hard to be understood.
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Sounds like it has a lot of depth.  But depth without engagement doesn't get you very much.

Still waiting on news on that front, and I am honestly getting sick of them dancing around the issue.  I'm happy to take my time and money elsewhere.

Hopefully they will put up the stream on youtube before too long.

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Watching the video now and I have a lot of concerns being raised.


Blair is placing peculiar emphasis on the whole "I guess I won't make a blueprint of that" thing. And that worries me. If high quality items are the only thing you want, there are no interesting decisions to be made, and interesting decisions are what drive good gameplay.


Maybe this is stating the obvious, but it seems to me like:


1. Mediocre items should always be desirable for large scale combat

2. Average items should always be desirable for everyday use

3. Exceptional items should be desirable but generally prohibitively expensive for anything but the most important uses and wealthy characters


More specific thoughts:


Make sure there is a system in place so that exceptional items cannot be mass produced, otherwise there is no economy. Crafting should be about making decisions, not rolling dice until you get something perfect that you can then make a lot of. Perfect mass production in general is dangerous, because if you can mass produce exceptional items at all it ensures that new crafters never have any niche.


In the same line of thinking, my suggestion is to change the system to be less about "risk" and more about "tradeoffs". When you're refining an item, don't give a specific amount of points to bonus up the item, but instead to specialize it. For every time you increase damage, say, you reduce crit rate and durability. This should be net positive with diminishing penalties for skilled crafters (with an element of dicerolling, sure, but not as cut and dry), with harsher penalties the more times you refine.


Essentially: mediocre crafters could make average items, decent crafters could make desirable items by refining a specific stat at modest cost to others, and exceptional crafters could make either items exceptionally strong in one way but below average in others or slightly above average overall with a lot of refinement. And time and efficiency costs always need to be a factor, even if you have perfect skills- at no point can you allow the higher skilled crafter to produce a product that is objectively, in every possible way, better than the decent crafters' when used for mass production.


If I'm understanding how it works right now, exceptional crafters just get better dice rolls for improvement upon the base item, which means no decision making. Couple that with carbon-copy mass production and mediocre and average items soon stop having a market at all, which also pushes out anyone without maxed crafting skills. From what it looks like right now, you would never want to give your resources to anyone except your best crafter. 


EDIT: One more thought: maybe tie resource quality into the process so that refinement of low quality resources is easier than high quality ones. This creates a good separate-niches thing for crafters in an organization.


anyway, that's my 2c

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Based on how often my bow broke, I definitely think there will be a continual need for low end goods. Sometimes you just need a cheap and quick weapon to get the job done. If your guild doesn't have access to the right resource nodes, you need to settle for what you can get.


I definitely see your concern about mass producing exceptional items though... My hope is the blue prints won't be that large.

Perhaps a metal bar blue print will allow you to make 100 bars (thats 900 identical quality ore you need lying around)

If the bar blue print allows you to make 100, I would expect a sword blueprint which uses those bars to only make 20 or so... (whatever the ratio is... or even less... I think a sword needs 5 metal bars). That's a pretty high rate of diminishing returns! And once you run out of the bars required, you need to either recreate a bar blueprint or scrap the higher recipes


I'd expect to mass produce mediocre weapons and custom job the top end. Especially since each metal influences the special traits... (I was excited when I accidentally made an electrical attack blade!)


Getting back to the post, I think the trade offs are there already. The metals influence the traits. You also only have so many points to allocate for enhancements, and each experiment you run increases the craft time (which is a concern for the assembly line, and your own safety!)


The trade offs that skilled as opposed to mediocre have is more points to work with (and generally the ability to work with better materials)

Based on what I saw in the playtest... Its definitely going to require a LOT of work to mass produce high quality weapons!


And I realized after typing most of this that the thread is a week old. Sorry! I'm on call and didn't sleep because of it.


TL;DR - I think they already have a system of balances built into the component process, and there will definitely be a need to mass production of low grade gear! (in my opinion)

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