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Hello Community!


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Hello everyone,
A new backer here just wanted to introduce myself and get to know the community a little. My online alias as you can see is Critterz, it has been my nickname for many years now. My very first mmorpg was Everquest for my birthday in march of 1999. I am twenty-seven years old, a stay-at home father, a Marine Corps veteran, and currently enrolled in my first year of college majoring in the field of game design.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons I want to back this project up was because I want to become a game developer. This a great opportunity to observe from beginning to end the entire development process. I have been binge watching all the crowfall videos and news that was posted, seeing as I am a year late. This is also an amazing chance to learn from a team of veteran game designers. Specifically looking up to Blair, Coleman, Halash, and Walton as current role models.

Thank you developers and the rest of the community for making this all happen.
Semper Fi

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