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Not Just Guild Recruiting But Guild Allies!

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Hey Crows, 


This is more for future Guild Leaders but always open for everyone! More for open world type stuff. Feel free to bash critique, like the ideas or build on it to make more sense.


I was trying to figure out if guilds plan to create a Tree of Bonds. None of this James stuff. But sort of like a friendship bond /treaty; Except made with leaders. Why not just made one guild huh? You ever think of that? Ofc course I have. I am not saying everyone should be friends because that would be very conflict and people will eventually break those bonds.


Ill try to describe my goal and hopefully someone can fill in my massive gaps. This could be almost a Functional chart almost posted on the forums.


So let's say I have a guild, you have a guild, and he has a guild. In the open world, you do not want everyone to be your friend and you don't want everyone to be your enemy (some do, some don't). So when Allies / Bonds are created why not have the posted on a single thread, hopefully pictureish.


Maybe a giant circle with Colored lines that lead to each other or a simple Table that lists guilds and who is what with the other guilds.


           Me     You        Him

Me    BFF      BF          Meh

You    BF       BFF        Hated

Him   Meh     Hated      BFF


This more reminds me of the WoW rep bars but made for Crows.  For something like this to function, you would need almost a Council. Let's call it a Forum page of CrowMasters[CM] (GM). All relevant information flows on these pages. EG. If YOU want to go and storm ME but we are BF. Would be nice to a. Change our listing to not BFF and b. why not inform the CM page that you want to change allies types just because you want to and had enough of my poorly made socks. Not like it's illegal to but more to help keep the public aware. If some Guilds are in some kind of frenzy war, why not make it public. 


For example, I plan to make a guild but I do not plan to really have the War type guild. More of a small smashy core type. If it has to be bigger then I'll set Captain Crows to each have their own group. Maybe I will have the casual group who wants to focus Economy which will be managed by Captain 2 or LT 2 or something. But since I am not like some of these huge guilds who's lives seem to be build around a large variety of games. I don't think I will get many members at first and will have to focus my own stuff with Guild Allies to hang out with. 


I am but a small hatchling trying to grow.

Anyhow Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.

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