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01/29/15 - Forgemaster, World Rulesets & Resources

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01/29/2015 - Forgemaster, World Rulesets & Resources


Good morning!


A few things for you in today's update:

First off, we're happy to drop some details about our next archetype: the Stoneborn Forgemaster!




In addition to a concept and game screenshot, the sample narrative was written to give a glimpse into the history of the Crowfall universe  -- and the few hints about the Gods, and their role in the lives of mortals (and immortals).


One cautionary note: 

Keep in mind, it is notoriously difficult to discern the motivation of the Gods. One culture's hero is another culture's villain. The Stoneborn Dwarves have a very specific take on history. Other cultures will have very different views on the very same legends and myths.  


To borrow an allegory: they may all be living in the same cave, but they see very different shadows on the wall.



Second, we've updated the FAQ and broken it into a few distinct areas that we will expand on over time. 


In addition to talking about resources and materials (the fuel that drives both the economy game, and the strategy game), we're also providing a few sample illustrations of how our Worlds will be laid out, in regards to Points of Interest (like quarries, mills and mines).




We've also started fleshing out FAQs about the combat system and below you'll find a sneak peek at the architecture of the Crowfall universe-- which should give you a hint why being able to travel between worlds is so important!








Hope you enjoy the update!  This should keep the speculation game going -- at least through the weekend....




J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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So sweet!!! Thanks for update


I really like the world rules system. It makes every world a different place to stay and play. 




 But the game will still have instanced based PvE raids, right?


No, actually.  Crowfall is a game is about territorial conquest and a player-driven economy – not PvE raids.




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This is what I got from the combat FAQ


1)  Character Collision.


2)  No "Hard Targets" in combat.


3)  Healing is focused on "out of combat", combat healing either extremely weak or not present.


4)  Offensive, Defensive, and my favorite, support character Archetypes.


5)  Items don't drop as "fat lewt" from  mobs, only components.  All worthwhile items (Weapons, armor) crafted.  Nice.


6)  Character are not balanced around 1 vs 1.  This is amazing, I will elaborate on this later, but yay!



And I have to go to school now.


Each new update keeps trumping the last info update.  This is not fair.

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How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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Interesting. So are strongholds, Mines, Villages, etc pre-built constructs that are open for the taking? This might mean you don't actually build a city. Potential tears incoming.

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Very good ideas here with the world servers, should give people alot of different ways to play. Keep up the good work, I personally cant wait for the finished product!

"Its better to look ugly and win, than pretty and lose."

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oh my stars and garters......so much to take in....


thanks as always...much to ponder before I spout off.....


but one thing that jumps out at me...onone world it was just win or lose.....on another there was also a kneel option mentio ee

interesting indeed and nice to see the world makes a big difference to natural law


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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1. Does combat use tab-targeting?

No. We’ve tried to make combat in Crowfall a little more action-combat focused, than your traditional MMO.  For instance, we have “dashes” that you use to avoid attacks, as opposed to a passive (randomized) dodge system.  Finding the right balance on this one has been extremely challenging from a design perspective, but we think we’ve found a mid-point. Hopefully you’ll agree.

2. How does targeting work?

Generally, melee attacks happen in the area in front of the character.  There is no hard “target”.  Attacks use various shapes such as: cones, rectangles, and spheres. You can optionally turn on or off a projected ground texture, if you want to visualize where your character is attacking.



So anyone who has played WildStar will probably have a good feel for what this could be.  Everything is "telegraph" based which makes positioning super important, for both damage and perhaps even more importantly healing.  WildStar has one of the best combat systems I have experienced (the world design, game content, grinding, etc are the problems) so this could be really good news for Crowfall.


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but one thing that jumps out at me...onone world it was just win or lose.....on another there was also a kneel option 

People where talking about that kind of mechanic in the "Mercy or Murder" thread. I'm happy they have something of the sort!

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Community Moderator - http://killonsight.info/

The Dark Forest beckons...

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I just hope that Fealty system is used in all the servers, not just the player monarchies one (as it seems the rulesets are harsh on the right, and "easy" on the left. And player monarchies is the far left one)

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