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Crowfall Big World Testing Impressions: In-Depth Crafting, Survival, and PvP!


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My first impressions of the Crowfall Big World Testing. So far I'm pretty impressed with how in-depth the crafting system is. I'm really excited to see how Big World testing evolves over the next few months.


YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/OeRhGZAkszY


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Good video.  I am liking the look of the environment.  I know it is highly subjective, but the style ACE chose really appeals to me (with the added bonus of having longer legs).  I am imagining an organized force making its way across the forest, perhaps through the mist, to meet another in battle--and I that is going to look and feel awesome. 

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The Artist Formerly Known as Regulus

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I like the art style as well. Should age much better than a realistic art style. Also I'm sure it's way less expensive to make art for this compared to something like Black Desert.

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