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Sup fellas. Technically, I already posted this in the intro thread in the gameplay forum, but I figure there's no harm in putting it up here.


Anyway, I finally backed after watching for a long time. I'm glad to be here. I'm worried I may have overextended myself, between college, Crowfall, Dual Universe, and Star Citizen. But I'm sure I'll find the time at some point. There are just too many games these days, you know!? I don't want to get old and have no time for them anymore! But I digress.


I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet. I'm thinking I'll either be a Forgemaster or Champion. Maybe a Templar or Confessor on the side. I know for a fact that I'm going to worship Gaea. Not sure what I'll do for a profession. In an ideal world, I'd be able to split my time equally between crafting and campaigning. I enjoy being a merchant, but I think I'd go crazy if all I did was stay holed up in my Eternal Kingdom. I know I'd have a lot of fun if my military endeavors supplemented my mercantile endeavors, and vice versa.


I'm thinking I may roll a character inspired by Nemesor Zahndrekh. To those you unfamiliar with 40K, he's a real treat. An ancient senile space robot who constantly forgets which millennium he's in, and thinks he's still flesh and blood. He upholds all the classic chivalric ideals of warfare. I think it would mesh well with the idea of immortal crows, and it isn't too generic or too much of a special snowflake. It would amuse me greatly to forget/remember the death of Gaea, where I am, or who I'm fighting. I just don't find RP to be very interesting if it doesn't really make things harder, or meaningfully change how I interact with the world. I was really hoping that we would be able to construct our own artificial vessels, because I believe such a character would find grave robbing distasteful (and because robots/cyborgs are custard metal), but that will either never happen or is a ways off. Oh well.


What y'all got planned?

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Welcome Adalhard!


I look forward to seeing what character you end up with, a character based on Nemesor sounds wonderful,  though I'm still working my way through the heresy series and haven't gotten around to 40k yet , I'd love a chance to rp with them.


It might feel like a ways off now, but it'll get here soon enough :)


Great to have you onboard!

Ex-Member of :   Lf6MJUL.png  Re-applying soon!


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I don't have much set in the way of RP, not even sure what my main archetype will be. Right now it is strongly leaning towards druid. Regardless, the idea was that my character was a scout, and was "asleep" most of his existence as a Crow. He did what he was told, fought for the gods, didn't really question much. But at some point he took a vessel and was inspired to do greater things by Yaga. So that would be the main god he worships, and from that point on I haven't developped much, mostly thoughts in my head.


Anyway, welcome to the forums, hope to see you around.


Guild Leader/ High Elder

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