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Hey there fellow Crows. After loosely following the development of Crowfall for about a year now, I finally felt compelled to be a contributor. As a contributor, i won't have access to the Alpha. Does anyone have any tips/references for digging into mechanics that I should know about the game whenever I get in on the Beta?


Thanks in advance for the welcome, and I look forward to seeing all of you in game!

Killjoy - najorin, officer

An ironically unironic Killjoy

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I would recommend reading through all the FAQs here on the website first, for the basic design concepts of the game:



And the official videos:



For the latest on what's happening in the actual testing, check out Tinnis' CF Resource:



Join the community discord for questions and theorycrafting:



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Welcome to Crowfall, hope to bump into you in game! (Well you and everyone, even if it's means me just dying over and over :) )


I have started to put together some basic skill tree information for guildies etc (the toggle over information on the skill trees), I haven't finished all of them, (most are still unavailable right now) and obviously they're based on the information at the time I put them together and may be revised before launch, but I hope you might find them useful.


Crafting basics skill tree


Blacksmithing skill tree


Vessels skill tree


Harvesting basics skill tree

Ex-Member of :   Lf6MJUL.png  Re-applying soon!


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Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!


And thanks for all of the resources!!!! I'm going to dive into all of them to get a better understanding of the game mechanics.


What aspects of the game are the most interesting to you? I've been reading that combat isn't all that substantive at this point. Personally, I'm hyped for the economic and political metagames.

Killjoy - najorin, officer

An ironically unironic Killjoy

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