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We need transparent crafting screen


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Is there any option give us transparent charecter- crafting - skill screen because atm we are realy vulnerable when doing these action. At least give us option to choose the transparency of these screens :) thanks

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I don't think that crafting as it is will be a thibg later. Mass production and equipment production will require stations. As for creating tools and food - could help you to identify when someone wants to kill you but group communication should be a better prevention against it. Or let us process food and tools in a minimal window

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I'm with you on the fact that crafters at the moment are exceptionally vulnerable and need some way of being able to at least realise that someone is hitting them. Even changing the colour of the screen would help, as at the moment unless your attacker is in front of you you can't even tell they're there.


Dont think crafting is group activity


However as I understand it, everything in this game has been developed from the stand point of group activity and increasing the need for more interaction with other players for everything.

The lack of auction house is major example of this, crafting might also have been designed to make players vulnerable (and need to group).  I hope not, but we can't tell for sure that this isn't the way it was planned from the start....


...unless any Devs want to weigh in :)

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crafters and harvesters need the protection of the explorators and fighters... and they both need the gear from the crafters and harvarsters...

in the current tests, you can start to separete, most of the time there is no need that all members of a party harvest(except for big fat mother nodes). so one part hits the nodes, the other part looks for some action incoming..

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As far as I know, in the developed game we should craft on an appropriate station.


I suppose stations will be found in the appropriate buildings protected by a fort or a keep.


Possibly in this case we don't find the utility of protection given by a trasparent screen.

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I agree with Eaden here. In the final game you will be only able to craft at crafting stations. I see no difference between having half the screen as a crafting window , with the other half seeing the crafting station in the background and the one that is now a full screen crafting window.


For me i like the current one more. The UI just needs to be smarter but that was allready suggested.


And its not like you can move around while crafting. That might be the case now but i dont see it happen one crafting stations are ingame.


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These full-screen windows need to go. Not only the crafting windows, every freaking one of them. Paperdoll, skills, etc. So much wasted (dark) space in them as well. Sorry Billy, but make them just normal windows hovering over the game world. This is one of the things that WoW did great. Their standard UI is excellent.


Or make full-screen optional, but that just sounds like a waste of dev resources to me. We already have this discussing this for months. The BW proves (to me) they are not working.


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