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FEEDBACK for Wed, November 9 – Thu, November 10

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When the session has ended, please use this forum to share your feedback about the playtest. If you encountered a bug, technical problem or other anomaly, please post about it in the testing bug forum.


Anyone with access to this phase of testing may participate in any playtest session, on any server.

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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Seem to be unable to chat in the Server lobby. When I log on it says "EntityGaming" connected, but I cannot speak at all.


Having the same issue here.  Up side, I was able to create each of the character class characters....but no chat ability.

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I was looking forward to this but my first experience was well not fun


1st spawn - cut a tree got wood - ran into a group of 3 people and died

2nd spawn - spawn in front of 3 people and died

3rd spawn - spawn in front a little mouse guy he killed me as well

4th spawn - I killed mouse guy then he respawned and killed me again


no 5th spawn as I got board.


Thanks guys on the EU server for making this a fun experienced / sarcasm off 

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I can't chat at all, whether it's on server select screen or in game. Makes it very difficult to get into groups and not get solo ganked by a group of 4 repeatedly. Also my inventory slots keep disappearing when I try to organize my inventory.

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  • I think a small immunity timer when you log in would be useful.
  • There also needs to be a 20s delay while logging out so you can't do it in the drop of a hat.
  • Periodic lag spikes.
  • If you plan to stick with the compass (god plz no), a way to tell one group member from another would be welcomed addition. Maybe different shapes denoting different group members? I'm curious to see how the compass functions in larger size groups.
  • Feels significantly better with the movement changes, but I think I'd like to see some abilities get the rangers LMB treatment (slow movement while charging up). Abilities like gaia's wail and will-o-wisp could benefit greatly from this.
  • Hoooly shieeet. The confessor feels so much better now. I think a "slow walk" while you charge up on meteor strike would be fine. I actually think most charges up abilities should function like this instead of dead stops.
  • Besides the movement changes (which were great), I still think the confessor is extremely one dimensional and boring
  • Significantly better, although the attack animation on his LMB looks a little wonky.
  • I'd like to see his knock back animation sped up considerably, it's awkward and slow.
  • The legionnaire suffers from the same issues of the confessor and knight; they're bland and boring.
  • Bellow still lacks a projectile fx effect. Could really use one.
  • Like the other archetypes the movement changes are a huge improvement.
  • When did the cool down on #1 change? 30s is way too long, especially on a squishy sustain melee dps archetyp. Please consider reducing the cool down on #1 by half.
  • Needs some more survivability and some upscaling on damage.
Edited by helix

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Great to have been in the game for a couple of hours, finally! \o/


I also couldn't chat, either in the lobby or in the world.


My character model (duelist) was semi-transparent.


Game is pretty!


THE most active European guild. Join us


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Overall great job adding new movement. I tested out the druid, confessor and ranger and they all felt better. Would still like it if rangers could pop off "no charge low damage" arrows while at full speed and then only slow down to strafe speed if they're charging a higher damage shot.


These changes should make ranged feel much less rooted and combat more fluid. Well done ACE!  

Blazzen <Lords of Death>

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  • Why does the burrow ability persist once the Rat is in combat? It can't be used, so have it go bye bye.
  • Rat is invisible to his own group too. Seems unintended.


Track idea


Tonight one of our guys got a group bug where he was still in group, but red to us. The compass had a red indicator for his location and the rest of ours green. You could do a super simple track discipline or ability that simply did that. It could be a very large AoE that showed all players as dots or it could be a system that was selective by name a'la Shadowbane and EQ2. Higher training could increase range and lower recast or lots of fun things.



  • Campfires need to last a lot longer. Hardly any time to cook food. Lower hunger healing a tad and triple the duration IMO. When the fire goes out you lose the food you are cooking at the time.
  • The ore big nodes are far inferior to the small nodes or seem to be.
  • Hunger creeps too fast. You end up spending a third of your time whacking trees.
  • I hear the Druid "T" is for Tray and also for Crafting issue is back.
  • Draw distance is a problem. Nearly killed some bros before we realized who the heck they were. In a shoot first world that's rough.
  • Add an auto stack and auto sort Fx to the inventory IMO.
  • Login needs a 30 second immunity timer. 20 minimum. I've never been killed on login, but I've some brutal camping.
  • Super big group bug is still there.
  • Ore node respawn time seems inconsistent, but I'm not positive.
  • Chat seems buggy.
  • After a crash I still have the "Connecting to Zone" bug and can't log in. :/ Super inconvenient. :P
Edited by coolwaters

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can confirm on druid that t opens crafting window (j does not) and that it also swaps my trays. I had the chat bug where it wasn't registering i was chatting, but closing all the way down and reopening from the patcher seemed to fix it. chat window did not scroll automagically as new chats came in (had to manually scroll to bottom) i approve of more art for the bits and bobs we pick up (rather than looking like crows for everything).  Side note, my tin axe rune was a crow... i think it was tin. either tin or silver but pretty sure it was tin... super helpful feedback is well yeah.

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First time in Big World and all I can really say is WOW! I'm so glad it's come so far since my last test in HD more than a month ago. The game is starting to come together very well!


Four minor things that slightly annoyed me though-

1. Chat doesnt continuously scroll. Such a pain when just talking about non-important stuff or simply helping others figure their way out.

2. Inventory menu closes whenever you tap any movement keys, thus binding you to wherever you are instead of moving to keep safe or continue long distance travels.

3. Despite having a new hammer, stone seemed to put out far less than other resources. 

4. I cannot seem to find me an animal to kill other than a Guinecian for the life of me. Walked 3/4 of the map and still nothing. And no I couldn't skin the other dead Guinecian :(


Other than that, I had a blast playing for a few hours tonight and will definitely be on tomorrow after work!





Edit: Game seems to never want to quit and resorts to you having to kill the process upon exit. Intentional "bug" to keep us playing? lol

Edited by grenade32

~ Grenade 32

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  • Holy crap..... Love it! Thank you ACE! Might have to go back to fessor full time.
  • LMB feels pretty good as ray cast.  Much easier to get good accuracy and not worry about splash when fighting with people out of group.  Well done.
  • Thank you for buffing her LMB a little bit.


  • Also feels really good!
  • Feel even more slippery than before!
  • Move on LMB so good!

"Float like a Butterfly.... Sting like a Misplaced Decimal Point" - Xarrayne 2018

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