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Civilization Online – Game closure: Important for Crowfall


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Civilization Online had a game design/concept very similar to Crowfall.

Apparently it got shut down for not being successful on the korean market.

Maybe it was the games fault for not being a good product, or the market in korea is too full of such games or better games of this kind.

They eventually will reboot the game project in the future.


I was really interested into this game.

The developer is XL Games, who made ArcheAge.

ArcheAge is one of the best MMOs I have plyed so far, so many interesting mechanics, concepts and elements. It was really something different and unique. It had so much potential.

ArcheAge 2 would really be something i would want to have. I guess it could be as great as EverQuest Next or Star Citizen.

Civilization Online was kind of similar to Crowfall. I hope this isnt bad news for Crowfall's future.






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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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It's going be P2W if Trion world took this game or any other greedy publisher. 

SkDJEH9.png Discord: message me if you want to stay in touch. Retired CrowFall member.


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I would never be interested in an archeage 2 because archeage 1 could have been great and they simply wanted to monetize the crap out of it.  Just don't trust people that are that greedy.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir

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The western publisher for ArcheAge was Trion Worlds.

Trion Worlds got nothing to do with Civilization Online.

I would love to see ArcheAge 2 or a Civilization Online with a good western publisher.


Or any kind of good ambitous indie or not indie AAA MMO game. Because the market is really dry. Star Citizen hopefully, as its the only one left after EverQuest Next is gone. Maybe Project W will be interesting, hopefully.

After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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