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Scandinavian "Hej!"

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Hello all!


Just downloaded the client and got into the lobby, really psyched to try this WIP out when the next test starts!


As a gamer, I've been at home in three main types of games: the pure story games (Mass Effect, AssCreed, Tomb Raider, etc), the strategy/grand strategy games (Civ, CruKings, Stellaris, etc) and the laid back sandbox games (Banished, Planetbase, Cities Skylines, mainly). 


In MMO's, I've never been faithful. Through the years I've popped in and out of WoW, Swtor, Champions Online and Eve, mostly. 


I guess you could call me primarily a casual player, but I see myself more as a bipolar player. :D My work schedule is extremely irregular, so sometimes I play 12 hour days for a few weeks, and then I put that same game aside for a few months.


I have quite high hopes for Crowfall. I believe it will scratch several of my itches, like immersion (the characters are cool, the world is pretty!) and sandboxing (I like to build things!). Although I've never been a fan of PvP, I'm actually very eager to try it out here! :)


So, see you in the game in a while, and in the meantime in the forums!


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Hello and welcome to Crowfall!   :)


Casual player/gaming is a very broad term, not specifically determined or defined. For me its not like that you are casual player. I think you have a certain interest into games and you play very challenging and demanding games.

I am not so much into PvP as well, I played a lot online Multiplayer shooter back in the days, these were my first online multiplayer experiences I guess, but thats long ago now already, time goes by.   O_o

I came to Crowfall because i found the game concept interesting and it was offering more than just simple combat, fight-each-other-all-the-time type of game. At least in my impression or imagination of Crowfall, the game design/concept was offering a much broader variety of gameplay/-experience. So lets hope that this will be the case with the actual game.   :)

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After EverQuest Next is gone, its Star Citizen for me.


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