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Upcoming Big World Test, Wed 11/9, 6pm CST

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All Alpha 3 customers will get in on the upcoming Wednesday/Thursday Big World.  We'll be enabling the Kickstarter backer Alpha 3 backers for the start of the test, and the rest during the test in cohort.   (we've also scheduled another Friday-Sunday weekend test for this coming weekend)


We'd like to enable everyone immediately for this Big World test, but we did have scaling issues in the last test and we need to be sure we don't break the servers (and everyone's experience) as we test our fixes for those scaling problems, with all the people already invited and the new Alpha 3 folks coming in.


There are ~2,5000 Alpha 3 backers so I expect to have 1/2 of them in at the start of the test another 600 within an hour or 2 and the last group an hour or two after that.  We'll try to start the test early too to speed this process along.


We appreciate your support and we want you testing as much as you want to test!


Thanks as always for your support and your help iterating on Crowfall!

Gordon Walton, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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