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Stoneborn Brothers Check In !

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This guy looks sic!


It reminds me of a Paladin type character. Up in the grit with support abilities. But my enjoyment also lies with mage range types like the confessor. It will be a difficult choice :\. When more details are figured out, hopefully my choice is more clear. Until then, I'll enjoy speculating 

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I am strongly considering this class, as I love playing Dwarfs in pretty much every MMO, if available. I am not sure on the support role so far, and the skills of this class. But if I can make some kind of tanky/buffing/battle cleric type thing, that would be awesome. We will just have to see how things progress :P


I am also looking forward very much to crafting, if this class can do "everything smithing", definitely count me in!

Vidrak - Member of


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