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ENSO Gaming are recruiting EU Players!


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Hi! I’m Pybo from [enso-gaming] and our community has decided to open
its doors for people who are looking for a home. But before that, I think it is
important for anyone who wishes to join to know about our community so
they can have an idea of what they’re getting into. Therefore, read on!



[enso-gaming] is a community put together by a few individuals that
are brought together by a common goal: to have fun! We are a new
collection of players that hope to create an atmosphere where both
new and old players can come together and develop a lasting relation
of companionship and trust.


Our main focus right now is to aid one another as we discover a whole
new world. Our goal is to build a family, a bonded community of different
backgrounds that brings out the best in gaming experience and interaction.
Our previous experience has taught us to value the importance of playing
together socially. If you’re having fun, you’re at the right place and this is
what we always strive to achieve. You could say it is our #1 rule - So enjoy!

We will have random and silly conversations in discord chat or have
discussions about the game or simply hang out. We’re basically a
merge of different characters yet we all appreciate and respect each and
every one’s uniqueness.


Why consider us? What I believe sets us apart from others is that we’re lead
by mature people who place a high value on respect. We hope to instill this
motive throughout our community and to players outside our community. We
are very much willing to help every member to achieve their potential here,
and we especially welcome with open arms those who are just looking for a
place to pass the time, enjoying themselves. Whether you want to be the
richest, the strongest, or even simply just the cutest, there’s always something
for everyone in [enso-gaming].



Enso Gaming

Community with a social & mature focus






We honestly don’t like bringing down a set of heavy rules since it feels so
constricting. But, for the sake of being on the same mindset, here are just
a few easy to understand rules we observe. If you find them agreeable then
I’m sure you will find that our guild suits you wonderfully.


・Respect your Guildmates.
No insults based on gender or race.
Do not abandon them when in need or abuse their kindness when they are
helping you.


・ Respect those around you.
You always carry the name of [enso-gaming] with you.
If you’re someone who can’t help but be rude to everyone for no reason at all,
then we wish you all the best.


・ Lastly, NO DRAMA.
Common sense. Let’s just have fun, yeah? Simples!



Well, we don’t have any requirements as such. We really just want fun, decent
folks who know how to have a good time and go crazy without being too crazy.
(Did I just make sense? I hope so!) But, if you ask most of us, what we’re looking
for in a member is someone who…

・ Has a sense of humour installed. All versions welcome.
・ Will not take advantage of members or be inappropriate.
・ Respects the interests of others, in and outside of the guild.
・ Is reliable, dependable and level-headed.
・ A common sensed maturity.
・ Open to constructive feedback, and vice versa.
・ Knows how to enjoy themselves!


I don’t think we’re asking for much, right? But don’t worry. You can be yourself all
you want. You can be the quiet type who just wants to farm alone or someone who
likes to challenge everyone in Arena because as I said, we respect each and everyone’s
uniqueness. So long as you know how to co-operate and gel well with the rest of the
members, you’ll have an amazing time here.

Maturity is one thing we do expect from all members. Jokes can be filthy, perhaps
offensive in some cases but as long as they are all in good fun, we have no problem
with that. It goes without saying, if someone does feel harassed or heavily insulted; we
ask that the subject is dropped immediately. Remember it has to be fun for everyone!



I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Whatever your path is, we wish you the best of luck in any endeavour. Whether our paths cross or not, from all of us here in [enso-gaming], may your adventure be a glorious one!


If you are interested in joining us or have any further questions feel free to join us on Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/42Eyf


Yours sincerely,
The Enso Team 

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Finally the time is here \o/



We had a few members including myself playing the arena alpha's but now that the persistent world alpha is here we want to open up the community and welcome Crowfall players.


At the moment we don't have have a true active guild but we have a lot of members playing the Revelation beta which we are actively recruiting for. Before that we had guilds in Blade and Soul and Wildstar.


If you want to know more about us or have any other questions then feel free to ask them here or on our Discord.
In regards to the Discord anyone is welcome, we also have some lurkers/friends over there so you can experience how we are if you want.




https://www.enso-gaming.com/voice <<< Discord

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Should be noted we are an mainly (90%+ or something like that) EU community, and thus gonna be playing on EU servers, that doesn't mean we dont allow ppl from other parts of the world to join us though

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Come and join our Community for this weekend beta!
Looking for some nice players to play with



Beside crowfall we also play
- Revelation
- Paladins

- Overwatch


And im sure that our members are up for other games as well if you ask =)



We are a strong friendly and open family that play games together.

Don't be shy and come on over and say hi, we don't bite... hard ;)





https://www.enso-gaming.com/voice <<< Discord

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