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Splatter (US West timezone)

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New guild.  No obligations, very casual at this stage. Join for now and leave later if you want.


Timezone is mostly US West.  Founder lives in NZ but plays early, so more in sync with US West people than with AUS.




* STAY ALIVE IN BIG WORLD:  We can group up on the Big World test while harvesting, and not get killed so damn much

* TEAMSPEAK:  Talk while we play, so we can keep in sync (crowfall chat is not good enough yet).

* Discord server to keep in touch.

* Website when we need one (I develop websites for a day job).  I haven't done anything so far on it except reserve the domain: https://splatter.guild.rocks


Join me on Splatter Discord, and I can invite you and tell you our secrets in the members-only channel:  https://discord.gg/7kvJAkU


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