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New backer via store, excited to play and test the Big World system!

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Hey everyone, I'm Brotanda and an old MMO/MUD veteran. I've been watching this project for some time and was worried about progress, but now with the release of Big World I decided to throw some cash into the project and help test it out. I'm really looking forward to playing a frostweaver or duelist, as well as the Eternal Kingdom. This is gonna be fun!

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Welcome onboard!

It's definitely looking good, I hope that you've had, or will have, the chance to have a little pootle around in the world.

Duelist is proving to be great fun, frostweaver? Hoping to see it soon and test it out with you! :D :D :D

Ex-Member of :   Lf6MJUL.png  Re-applying soon!


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So I ended up only trying two classes. Duelist was definitely fun, though I got ganked twice before finally creating a basic pistol. Druid was more fun than I expected; not great for solo but I got into a group and we made a knight/druid combo very, very salty.

I'll try Confessor and the others this next weekend; overall I was very pleased with what I saw apart from items not entering my inventory after crafting (it's a pre-alpha, so whatever). At this point I should probably try to link up with a guild, though.

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