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Crafting archetype.


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All the archetypes has their speciality, but, as far as I have found, they are all fighting related. Will there be an archetype that is solely for harvesting/crafting, where the combat skills are secondary? I would strongly suggest one be made. Crafting will be a vital part of this game and the really great crafters will seldom be involved in fighting except for self defence, so they need no specialities in those areas. So, I want to se dwarves, plenty of them, I love those guys, allways played one, if available, unless of course, I can play a cute female, gnome, death knight. ;)

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Devs said that they look into it.


For example its very likely that the forgemaster will be good at Blacksmithing but bad at other stuff.  ( those where they words)


Now if we look at the skill tree and compare the archtypes they all look the same. Some differences but in general they are pretty mutch coppy past.

This makes me belive that the current skill tree is just a placeholder until the finished skill tree comes.


It is however very likely that in the final product the skill tree will still be largely the same with the others just to give us the options to skill how we want.

A tanky champ or more crit? how about more stamina and str.

Options like this are needed in any archtype and for a good reason but i doubt these are the finished skill trees.


They did say that other archtypes might be good at different crafting / harvesting porfesions but like allways nothing is final.


Just wait and see what the future patches bring :D


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