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"What is Crowfall" summary and important links


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New and want to learn about Crowfall to get up to speed?

Created a new game overview page to do just that on the tester resource site (bit.do/cftest) - will also appear as an option in dialogue message upon site entry.

Handy for new people getting up to speed - or to share with those you might think would enjoy the game!

Also contains a varitey of important and useful links - both official and community

Edited by Tinnis
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Very helpful stuff here man first thing I looked at even before I pledged.  Also thanks for your suggestions before on Twitter :) as you can see got my name changed.  NOW only if I can change my avatar i got various 200x200 px images but they dont upload :(

@that_eriksson for IG and Twitter http://youtube.com/c/ThatEriksson


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