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Crowfall/ArtCraft in the news

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Lots of press coverage for the team this week - including the New York Times! We hope you'll check out these articles and share links through your social media channels. After all, our community (that's YOU!) is why we're here. 


I'll update this post as new articles are available. 


Ever Wanted to Back a Start-Up? Indiegogo Opens the Door to Small Investors


"We like being answerable to our players first and foremost"


MMO Crowfall returns to crowdfunding, spearheading Indiegogo's new company investment offering


Want to Invest in a Throne War? You Can Now


Please note that any questions specifically about the fundraising need to be answered on the Indiegogo Equity Crowdfunding platform. Due to the conditions set by the SEC, we can't answer them here. (But you are free to discuss amongst yourselves.) 

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Added MMORPG.com article
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The other side of the coin, however, is that a select few players are actually incredibly reliable for their feedback and getting to know your community will help you to identify these valuable users.


"These are not just customer surveys anonymously submitted. These are ongoing conversations with individuals who've chosen to be a part of our community, so over time you start to get a feeling for the instincts of the players and I should say some of these players are really, really good and their instincts are spot on," Coleman said.


"They could be game designers in another life. So over time you'll start to recognize individuals who have great feedback even if it's really harsh. Harshness to me is just an emotion that's representing their conviction. So I'll reach out and ask them for more information. I've found that it can be invaluable in helping us hone in on issues and find resolutions to those. It is a bit of an art form. I don't believe you can build a great game just by looking at data."



You're welcome.  :P

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"For ArtCraft, the long-term tail is critical, and the company doesn't believe free-to-play, which "so easily turns into either pay-to-win or nagware," is the appropriate model to maximize that tail." -JTC


That quote makes me pretty happy. Even though I won't be investing in this (bought a lot on election night) I do think it's pretty interesting. Glad you guys got it figured out because it seems like there's quite a lot of hoops to jump through to get this kind of thing running. Seems like a great way to raise money and gives players who REALLY believe in your vision a way to show it and potentially benefit from it years later.

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Well I read through some of the related business documents and I have to say that I'm still and again impressed by the project "Crowfall". Again nice to see it moving again a step forward. Good job. 

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Well, i'm really interested to "try" but i don't have any clues in all of this, quite disturbing (i know it's an investment in Arcraft but still)


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During rough economic times the entertainment industry tends to get a boost as people are looking for an escape. That's not me encouraging anyone to ever invest in anything, but it's what is often taught in economics classes.

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Even as a hardcore gamer video games are easily one of the cheapest forms of entertainment. There's also a decent amount of ways to turn a profit playing them as well (even within the terms of service).

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