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New Tester Veteran to MMOs

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Hey Guys,


Just wanted to drop in and say I am a proud new bronze backer and ready to hang out with you all.  I have been playing MMOs since EQ1 Ultima Online days. 

My favorites include Star Wars Galaxies (Of course) WoW, Rift and many more you name it I tried it.  I really want to go full in depth with Crowfall as it just looks to be exactly the game I would want for my playstyle.  That being said I ahad lso want to try my hand this go around to get into content making, streaming and guild running.  I ran a guild on Star Wars old Republic called Malevolent.  All of my Social Media/Twitch will be under my name That_Eriksson and I hope I can help new players and those who no nothing about the game get interested.  That being said happpy to be here.

@that_eriksson for IG and Twitter http://youtube.com/c/ThatEriksson


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