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Hey everyone,


  First of all, i've been playing games since I was a little kid, and as far as mmo's i've played since the launch of Ultima Online back when I was in middle school. In all honesty, i've never been more excited for the concept of a game in my life. I love everything i'm seeing so far, and the only bad thing I am getting from this entire experience is the antsy lack of patience I have for the finished product!  Can't wait to see you all in the field either friend or foe!

“The difference between the quest for the Holy Grail and someone saying ‘bring me a cup’ is the flavor text and the number of stops involved.”
― Bryan Fields
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Hey Primordialzombie, same here I have been playing mmos since I was in elementary school (Shadowbane). I also can't wait to see what this game has to offer, seems to look like a lot of fun. Hope to see you in game.

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