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Druid Feedback


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This was the Archetype I was most excited to play, and it did not dissapoint! I hope you don't mind a bit of a read, but I got pretty excited thinking up feedback and suggestions to really make the Druid shine. :D


Druid Kit Feedback :


Resources : Druid Kit


Overview -

    Honestly, I love the class. Out of all the archetypes I’ve played, I found druid to be the most fun. So keep that in mind that any criticism in this post is minor, and some of it is just nit-picky.


    To keep this short, any ability I had no feedback on was cut.


Passive : Really nice passive. Only question I have is what’s the CD on the ability?


Life Tray


Nature’s Avatar(2) : The channel dmg buff is in my opinion, just an unfun skill to use, and a 70% damage buff doesn’t seem like something worth using compared to either healing or damage you could do in that timeframe since it’s only a single target buff, outside some specific instances. Moreover, I just don’t find it to be interesting as is.


Suggestions :    

I was thinking a different version of a damage buff would be more interesting to use. Like a rune circle similar to WoW's mage circle so it could benefit more than just one person, or a toggleable skill that buffs the damage of those around you, then, it would still serve as a fast essence build skill then.

Will-o-Wisp(3) : The ability as is, is good. I’m not arguing numbers, or its effectiveness. To me it seems a lot like a cast timed healing rain in that it’s a standard AoE heal at a targeted area. So altering one or the other would serve to make the kit a little more diverse and fun.


    Suggestions :

Thought 1 - It would be cool if the skill worked like the Mystic's healing skill in Tera,Titanic Favor, where it locks onto the ally and goes out to heal them. The longer you channeled the more wisps formed. This would give the druid some more spread heals. (this is just a thought I thought would be interesting to have as an option. Don't really care for it myself since it takes away a large chunk of AoE burst heal the druid has)


Thought 2 - If kept as is, it’d still be cool to get a vfx change and have the wisps bombard the targeted area like a missile barrage.


VFX : It'd be cool if the longer she channeled the more Will-o-Wisps spawned around her. Some awesome paint for an example


Healing Rain(4) : It’s probably just because I mained a Resto. Shaman, but I think of healing rain as a more persistent AoE that heals for lower per tick, but stays around for a while. Honestly, it just seems like a worse W-o-W as is, and the VFX bugs me how it seems to just douse people in water.


    Suggestions :

Thought 1 - Think Tranquility, meets Healing Rain. It would be a pretty huge AoE, and last for a good amount of time, but it would heal for a pretty small ammount of HP per tick. It would help diversify the two AoE heals, as one would be burst, and the other would be a low HoT tick while in the area.


Thought 2 - Instead of rain, the druid starts growing a flower that pulses heals as it grows. Maybe increasing the amount healed the longer it’s around, finally bursting for a decent sized heal. Or, just bursting when fully grown. It would be cool to see a skill charge system too. Maybe you could have 2 up at a time.


    Death Tray


LMB : Pretty underwhelming honestly. It seems like it’s only real use is to drain essence, but I could be wrong.


    Suggestions : Change it to a standard three basic combo like the other LMB’s, as is, it’s pretty useless in 1v1’s and small scale.

Thought 1 - The third LMB combo could put a debuff on the target, and when hit by lightning abilities they could burst lightning bolts to nearby enemies, kind of like Aurora Emitter.


Thought 2 - The third LMB could put a debuff on the target that increases Lightning damage taken, assisting your Lightning burst chain, and basics.


Thought 3 - The third LMB in your chain could be the only one that bounces between enemies.


Shroud of Darkness(5) : Just seems like an odd combo honestly. First part is a self buff that has a chance to stun attackers, then the next removes the buff, but summons a tornado that knocks people up and travels in a straight line. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of these skills, it just seems odd that they’re paired, and the second removes the first, when you really want to use the second part of the chain.


Sacrifice(6) : ehhhhhhhhhhh. With how healing is done in this game, a skill that gets rid of something like 22% straight up health, before adding mitigation values for only 15% essence just doesn’t seem like a good tradeoff, but that could be just me.


Thanks for reading! :D

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Hello, I know balance is not on the priority list but I will throw in my 2 cents. The Druid was very fun with a cool concept but it did feel a little underwhelming. I think the abilities are decent (except LMB Death).


Honestly, I think it is the game play that makes Druid not feel right to me. The game is kind of clunky right now and the spell animations along with the switching stances seem too long and well... ill say it again "Clunky". When I play the Duelist I can do everything I want and it all happens nice and quickly. On the Druid I have to build up essence and when I want to cast Lighting I have Switch Stance...Pause...Click the ability... Stand still (for first one)... watch him wave his hands in air etc....


I haven't played WoW in a long time but I will use it as an example. The Druid or Warrior in that game has different stances and you could be in one stance, use an ability, switch out to another, use a different ability all with a nice smooth uninterrupted transition. In this game the animations feel like they hold you back.


Probably rambled on a bit and not sure if I made too much sense but this is how I felt when playing Druid. 

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Yeah, the global cool down on abilities after switching needs to go.


So basically, long, hindering, animations? I mean, it's all in how the skill feels to use. I'm fine with magic classes being less mobile, or having longer, or rooted animations. It's just using the skill should feel powerful. When lightning is summoned, I should feel powerful, when healing, I should feel like i'm drawing on the power of nature, ect, ect. I think in part it's just due to alphaness. Every class shold feel different, an agile duelist vs a bulky mino tank.

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Keiotyk mentioned an idea in the druid gameplay thread about not having all of the druids death-tray abilities cost essence, and I think this could open up a good discussion on making the death tray feel better.


Thoughts :

  1. If not every ability cost essence, this would allow the druid to stay in death tray longer and contribute more to fights when no healing is needed. I do like this idea, as even with no essence, you could contribute with minor abilities like LMB.
  2. However, I think a better way to maintain longevity in the death-tray would be to change the LMB, and have it generate essence. As stated in my original post, I'm already not a fan of the current death-tray LMB, and would like to see a multi-part LMB chain put in place, and with the change, a essence generating theme'd one would be a very nice addition. With this, would could maintain essence costs on all skills, but still have a way for the druid to generate essence without switching to the life-tray and casting heals when they're not needed, thus wasting CD's you'd rather not waste.
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