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The UnDeAd Legion

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Across the necropolis not even a breeze dared caress the aged tombstones. No sounds or movement had been or seen in many a moon. Only memory of death and carnage persisted here as if it permeated the

Sometimes our leaders forget our own rules!  Dolmar recently recruited a druggie, and also spent hours trying to help him out.  A serious breach of protocol! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

We more than half the time KoS each other. Its good for the team . Our Ek will be a bloodbath.

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Looking for,,, non-zerg minded people that want to roll with irreverent, non politically correct, unsafe place, snowflake-free environment loving mother custarders,,,.

"We got everything here from a diddled-eyed joe to damned if I know!!"

Free eggrolls...



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