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The UnDeAd Legion

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Been a while I since Posted  - Winning is nice, competition is better........ FUN is a MUST.   Gorilla tactics, hit and run, suicide missions....... all is fair as long as it's FUN.  A very wide range of players here.  52 year old Jarheads to 13 year killers  (2 year CF Vets - CF's youngest OG) that bring the heat without the drama.

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Yo.  I played with you dudes in Darkfall; Veeshan, Weps, Chuck should/might remember me.  I've redownloaded the game, looking to get into it, have no idea what I'm doing; hoping to get in with you.  I mean, there's no way I can be worse at this game than I was in Darkfall, right?

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On ‎11‎/‎22‎/‎2016 at 7:59 PM, Sloppy said:

You must be 21 years old - Our Discord gets pretty intense
You must not be a druggie - We're sick of druggies trying to tell a story hogging our valuable discord time
You must be a team player - You will be handed a pick-axe and will be asked for gold for whatever project we are working on... we work together for stuff.
You must be able to adapt - Our leaders change their mind quite often (Which is why our mascot is a chicken with it's head cut off)
We expect you to fail - So there won't be any hand holding or baby sitting, because the 500 failures before you had that treatment and wasted our damned time!
No racists or homophobes!  We are trying to ween these "Horrible" people from our ranks!



Decruitment Officer


Sometimes our leaders forget our own rules!  Dolmar recently recruited a druggie, and also spent hours trying to help him out.  A serious breach of protocol!


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14 minutes ago, dolmar said:

We are going to crawl from our graves.. Crypts. . Sarcophagus .. We shall come out in droves... The UnDeAd will be here for then Dregs..

yeah ok bud i believe you this time like all the others


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Thorns and I have been waiting way to long for this Patch!  We will be there for test and as long as uXa sticks around!

Hehehhe I just thinking how Thorns started playing this in 3.0 at age 11...... Pretty sure CF's "youngest" player than will ever exist :)

And maybe the guy @Mayhem will not play and finally release my name :)

Going to be good to be home with old and new friends!

Edited by Mayhem_

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Hello there 

I would Ike to apply for this guild if this invitation is still valid xD
I am from EU so jut wanted to let you know that if you are from US I might have a hard time longing on while you are playing

I am not sure how will I know that Somebody replied tot his message. I am a new player just got my first lvl 30 and I have not joined a champing yet because  was told that I need to find a guild first. My main focus in the game will be combat. I am not much of a crafter or gatherer and I never was. However if it is nececery i could help out with gathering resources or crafting just do not expect me to level any crating skills xD I am 100% combat focused. I am looking to get stronger and meet some new friends along the way. If you'll have me I'll be glad to join.

Despite my spelling errors, i promise i know English is just that I am too lazy to go back and fix the spelling errors xD

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