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7 vs 12 - A glimpse of what Crowfall can be (-W- vs Sugoi)

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The game is to early to even complain about what a target should telegraph as.  The major factor I took away from the video is how mindless no FF melee is.  You're free to hammer smash your keys with little to no consequence to make cool down times.  This has been a major trend in player vs player combat since the global chase appeared in WoW.


I am sure the Sugoi's point of view was way different, since they had two groups and had to deal with FF. It probably hurt them more than helped them. Group enabled FF should probably at least be tried but I think this would have been different if -W- had more than one group (for most of the fight) and had to deal with FF. Either keep groups small with FF immunity and have people think twice about bringing more than one group, or have FF on everyone and just zerg it out and see who is better at not killing their allies. I think it will have the same effect overall but it would be good to at least try it with FF enabled for party members.

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I agree on the increase the group size.  I'd rather see things balanced around 10 than 5.

Yeah I'd like to see them make an important role for each archetype within a group.

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