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My issue with the new combat in Big World


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I like fast combat but right now it is just a jump fest. There is no sense of distance or positioning. You dont have that feeling of control of the fight, in group fight there is no order. Nobody engage an opponent, you just go and slash whoever pass by you.


I don't really understand the jump fest, maybe I am missing it. What is the point of jumping a lot?


I feel like the rubber banding is definitely hurting the current combat, but I expect it due to the development stage this game is in. Here is a video I made as a confessor where I was out numbered.



I don't claim to have played that well, but the confessors 2 combo helps me control the fight and do better than I should of. I must admit the 3 I am fighting at the end are silly to let that druid get that low on health. If I survived a couple more seconds a 4 could have ended the druid. I am fighting 3 support classes and both Legio's are ignoring their job of healing the druid, to come at me.

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The structure you seek and the chaos you see right now is also due to the quality of testers, the testing pool is relatively small, you aren't going to get the best most coordinated groups at this stage of testing.  Once you do you will see much more tactical play, 


At least we can agree on one thing. The sad thing is once they get those players - many of whom have no intention of spending money on this game until they can try it out first - the game will be too far down the development road to make the necessary combat changes. They should have had those people in early, given out free passes to them, so they could get it right. Just because someone is willing to pay you money, it doesn't make them the ideal testers. I'm afraid combat will never be what it could have been in this game and it's a mix of bad testing and bad design.

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My 2 cents of the recent topic in this topic - WoW has an atrocious combat system(as with most early MMOs) which would never be acceptable in any kind of single player game where you don't control multiple units. The thing that saves it though is that it does not need to be any better as it plays like a tactical crpg or a strategy game and not an action game.

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(disclaimer: this is all theory and based on what has been posted.. doing my first play test this weekend)

i'm not sure WoW should be put up as a gold standard since arenas was one of the few activities that could get you loot without lots of people (disclaimer: i stopped mid-late into burning crusade).. not to mention we should really be comparing battlegrounds/open world and not arenas


that said.. personally.. im looking for a combat system where large scale fights play out much slower and there are more differences between positioning choices besides "you're ranged/support stand farther, you're melee get closer"


i'd love to have some of the feel of a hex strategy game and/or watch an engagement on a front line that isn't immediately one sided/zergy.. stuff like

- tank between you and the target? - you do less damage or the damage is shared

- pseudo or full friendly fire on most attacks - (big sword? swing it next to an ally and you get a damage penalty)

- limited engagement - it should be difficult to engage in 2v1 or 3v1 without a significant numbers/class advantage

- running by people should not be free - maybe collision detection is enough or a stationary ability or vulnerability when using chase abilities


i realize no one wants slog fests either but i think you can counter that by allowing positional advantage to grant bigger benefits

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