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-x- is bad, members run lightning expose spires without wearing resist gear or running bards and thats that

Good to see Peeka's penchant for making poorly made socks up is rubbing off.

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-X- hate is pretty much all peeka has left, he got forced out after several years of tolerance, and drags his nonsense into any thread on any forum. I'm pretty sure he's just a macro on some epic troll's computer.

Forced out of a Guild so -X- could get the poorly made socks beat out of them by Jozza and Company...  hahaha. 


Here's what happened to -X- after I left the guild on my own terms( Fuggers delusional and trying to spin), and faced them in the field. 



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CS was a great guild when it only had about 15 or 20 core members, then Skorp made the decision to absorb all of the Entropy guilds that CS had repeatedly assaulted on Entropy before migrating to the Mourning server. -X- was pretty cool for a little bit, but then Fugger started to bring wonderful ranger builds to banes and it was all downhill from there. -X- had a lot of potential, but their respective share of the veteran Vengeance player base was inferior to what GooL (sometimes referred to as "GoML") and QFT inherited. I haven't played with Skorp in a long time but I'd imagine that he's still a great siege commander.


I saw KickIT lurking around here, so I get to post the few CS Entropy screenshots that I still have in my possession. My apologies for the image size:



Before every CN player had a scout:




Dumbass Domo GL of Vicious Cycle gets summon fished:




Days of the DoT double death:




ManAgainstTime of CS is a dirty traitor:




CS' war against China zerg gets bank rolled; special thanks to some anonymous War server duped gold mule who didn't have track:


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Protonix, not really sure how you got the title of Troll king but its pretty clear I am trolling and that ain't no obsession, that's a recreational drug.


I don't think that all means what you think it means.

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Because pokemon. Right!? Right!

Pretty sure this proves you think I named my self after a pokemon because I thought it was cool. Quite the opposite, I did this to instill rage in my victims when they died at the hands of a Pokemon because honestly who wants to die to Pikachu?  The other reason was so I would never be confused with another player kinda like Angelmar and Agelmar... know what I mean ? 

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